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Yes, this is the talk of 2011, how to use Twitter for Business.

Twitter for Business
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When twitter first arrived on the scene it’s appeal was to people that just wanted a quick way to get their message to multiple people with one entry.  But then, athletes, politicians and actors figured out they could use it to promote themselves. So now the light goes off; Twitter for business!

So the big question is how do you use twitter for business?
here is a list of things you can do on Twitter.
  1. Get more followers by following others and hope they follow back
  2. Talk about what your doing
  3. Tell a joke
  4. Link to interesitng website
  5. Link to your own content or website
  6. Reflect on the news.

Those are all nice but they are not necessarily good for a business to do.

The the question remains what do you do to promote your twitter for business profile?

Well you need followers ( hopefully like a rock star ), the more the better for business.

You need to tweet things that your followers are looking for

Tweet things that keep your followers following you and your business feed.

With a 140 character limit its pretty difficult to tell the whole story in business.

So the main keys for using Twiter for business are.

  1. Tell sorry in 140 characters or less
  2. Know the audience and use abbreviations
  3. Chop out workiness
  4. shorten your url’s
  5. Don’t Spam.
  6. Don’t overdo it with ads only mix it up.
  7. Don’t steal content from others just retweet it where appropriate.

These are only a few instances of what to do on Twitter for business check out our twitter products page for some programs to help you achieve your twitter success
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